Community Energy Project for Bedminster

Solar panels on a roof

Would you be interested in paying less for the electricity you used during the day? Bedminster and Easton energy groups have just been awarded a government grant to see if a community energy scheme would work for these 2 areas of Bristol. The projects are expected reduce what people pay for electricity, create a community improvement fund and increase local renewable energy production.

The joint project will find out if there is enough local interested in taking part. The plan is to put solar PV on 75 homes in Bedminster. People taking part will host solar panels on their roof and in return will pay a cheap daytime solar tariff for the electricity that they use from their roof. The solar electricity is likely to be about a third the cost of electricity from the national grid (5p/unit vs 15p/unit).

Get in touch now if you either want your home to be one of the 75 homes to take part, or you want to know more about how it works.

Look out for events in Community Energy Fortnight 5th-20th September where you can ask questions and learn more. Plus, keep an eye on local notice boards and this website for further information.