About Us

TWO Streets of Solar is a project devised by members of Easton Energy Group with a background in the community and renewable energy sector. The vision is for communities to generate their own energy independently, instead of buying non-renewable, polluting energy from mainstream energy suppliers. Community Energy also advocates addressing fuel poverty, fostering resilience and ultimately empowering citizens (See The Bristol Community Strategy for Energy).

The TWOS project has funding through central and local government grants to look at the feasibility of creating an urban community energy scheme using solar panels installed on house roofs. There are plenty of examples of solar farms installed in fields, but not on the roofs of Victorian terraces within towns and cities. We want to find out whether it is possible.

To help us we are being supported by Clean Energy Prospector and  Bristol Energy Co-operative .  We have received grant funding from the Centre for Sustainable Energy, the Bristol Community Energy Fund and expertise from Regen SW.